Houston Elite
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Houston Elite will host:

SPRING FLING                                         MARCH 18-19                                   BRITISH INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL

HOUSTON INVITATIONAL                        APRIL 15-16                                    BRITISH INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL

MEMORIAL DAY CLASSIC                         MAY 27-28                                     BRITISH INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL

PRE NCAA KICKOFF                                 JULY 1-2                                         UPSIDE GYM


Dear Coaches,

This is your preliminary packet for the tournament!  We welcome you to our event and hope that your experience in this tournament is a great one!  Please make sure you carefully read all the information in this packet.  We look forward to hosting you at our tournament and we also look forward to playing in your tournament. Thanks for your support.  If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call. The tournament will be Saturday and Sunday only.  The location is British International School located at 2203 N WESTGREEN BLVD KATY TEXAS 77449. COACHES ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR THEIR BENCH AND SUPPORTERS IN THE STANDS.  Admission for Adults is Tournament Pass $25, $15 Day Pass.  Students $10 Tournament Pass, $6 Day Pass.  If there are any questions or concerns, please contact Coach Porter at 2816675433.


Yours in hoops,


Sean Porter, Head Administrator/Head Coach

(281) 667-5433



1. Teams must provide their own practice balls.

2. Team liability waiver must be signed prior to first game.

3. Two (2) Coaches Passes per team will be allowed.

4. Teams who have not paid their fees must bring their fee to the tournament. Thank you for those teams that submitted the entry fee prior to March 8th deadline.

5. Brackets posted in the gym are final and supersede any previous distributions. Coaches are encouraged to review bracket upon arrival to ensure correct schedule.

6. Game time is forfeit time.

7. All games will be 16 minutes stopped clock with a 3-minute halftime and a 2-minute overtime period, if necessary. Time in between final regulation and/or overtime periods is 60 seconds.

8. Home team wears light jerseys and is listed first in bracket pairings. Home team sits to the left of the scorer’s table (facing the court) and warms up a minimum of 5 minutes in between games in front of opponent’s bench.

9. Stop clock on all dead ball whistles, except when lead exceeds 20 points or more. Clock will return to normal if lead subsequently falls to 10 points or below.

10. Each team will get three full time-outs per regulation game. These time-outs may be carried over to and through the regulation and overtime periods, if unused. Each team will receive one full time-out per overtime period. On full time-outs the horn will buzz after 30 seconds and again at 60 seconds.

11. Any vulgar language or misconduct toward officials and tournament staff will be subject to disqualification from tournament with no refunds on tournament fee.

12. No game will begin before its scheduled time, unless both coaches agree.

13. Coaches are responsible for the bench and supporters in stands.

14. Masks are OPTONAL, and wristbands must be always worn.

15. If a scorekeeper and clock operator is not provided, each team must provide one person to work the table.